Fleet Risk Management FAQ

Managing any business is tough, but if your advisers are out on the road? Well, it alone gets added complicated. The accident associated with managing a agile is absolute and cogent as mistakes can not alone end up in accident to your acreage but, added seriously, a blackmail to life.

Most humans apperceive that if you’re operating a agile of cars you charge to partake in agile accident management, but that leaves abounding questions unanswered. In this guide, we’ll yield on the a lot of frequently asked questions apropos agile accident management. Let’s get started:

Q: How generally should my drivers be tested?

A: Bad active habits don’t yield continued to form, and even habits which accept been accomplished out can edge aback into our active appearance if we aren’t careful. It’s a aftereffect of abandoned habit, and it agency that testing your drivers consistently is absolutely essential.

In general, it’s recommended that above training is undertaken on an anniversary basis, however, annual mini-assessments are aswell recommended in adjustment to actual accessory issues with disciplinarian style.

Q: My agents drive cars which aren’t cars, do I still charge agile accident management?

A: It doesn’t amount what blazon of car your agents are in ascendancy of, whether it’s bicycles, motorbikes, buses, trucks or lorries, agile accident administration is a acknowledged and moral obligation. A lot of agile accident administration firms will action abutment for the advanced array of cars which are endemic and operated by businesses like yours.

Q: Who in the aggregation is amenable for agile accident management?

A: Unlike assertive acknowledged obligations, there isn’t a set position aural a business which is amenable for FLR. However, it is recommended that the role is taken aloft by those at the actual top of the business as this sets an important antecedence for alley assurance aural the business.

Ultimately, should your business not achieve a agile accident administration program, your business will be captivated alone amenable for any accidents that occur. Thus, it’s recommended that FLR is taken actively at the top of the business and, ideally, an alone is accustomed the albatross of administering it throughout the year.

Q: What affectionate of abstracts can you get from a telematics device?

A: An alternative aspect of FLR which some businesses accept to install are telematics devices. These boxes are finer cousins of flight ‘black box’ technology and adviser aggregate that goes on in the car.

These accessories can accommodate advice on speeding, affecting dispatch or braking, cornering achievement and other, vital, accident administration issues.

– management assessment